Our mission is to establish a creative and unique environment that empowers users to connect, interact, educate, and game in the unlimited potential of a space-themed virtual universe with no borders or limits.


A vast and richly designed virtual escape to outer space, the STARL Metaverse offers users the opportunity to socialize, explore, play, trade assets, and express themselves beyond the constraints of reality. STARL aims to build for the future where all are welcome to freely explore. What makes us different? We look within to our community for ideas, and out to the stars for our goals. Our vision is to create a spectacular universe by utilizing Unreal Engine 5, designers and developers with decades of experience in their fields, and a passionate community to guide us.


In STARL, we believe that creating an engaging and fun environment and games is the first priority. In spite of the earning mechanisms that are built into our games, the assets don't hold much value if the environment in which they are used is not enjoyable. The STARL Metaverse should leave every visitor satisfied.


We value enthusiasm, drive, and creativity as keys to overcoming barriers and common constraints within games and virtual environments. By looking at the stars, we see a vast universe that inspires and motivates us to explore it. Creating new ideas and developing new experiences for our users is our team's way of encouraging each other and our community.


This project is unique because it combines accessibility, technological innovation, experienced team members, and over 20 international communities. Besides experiencing a thrilling gaming and entertainment experience, people will also be able to meet, grow, express themselves, and be themselves in an environment that offers a wide range of future-oriented activities.


The STARL Metaverse concept was conceived, developed, funded, guided, and aided by the community. Developers from the community helped build the STARL Marketplace, while artists contributed 3D assets to the project. Through NFT sales, AAA game developers and artists were onboarded, and community members continue to contribute through brainstorming, feedback, testing, and art.


The STARL Metaverse Project is a community-driven project devoted to creating space-themed content using Unreal Engine 5. In order to expand our universe, we have recruited AAA game developers from LEGO, LucasArts, Pixar and other influential studios.

Our goal is to establish a creative and unique environment that empowers users to connect, interact, educate, and game in the unlimited potential of a space-themed virtual universe with no borders or limits. By initiating creative activations and placements, we aim to connect investors and sponsors with the crypto and gaming community. We would love to discuss possibilities and potentials with you and how your company can be a part.

  • Raised over 5.5 million via NFT sales in the first year, sold entirely through our self-built marketplace.
  • Strong team and advisors: The team behind STARL includes experienced professionals in the gaming and crypto industry.
  • Built from the ground up a fully accessible metaverse in Unreal Engine 5, on the cutting edge of visual experience.
  • Combined virtual real estate concepts to be more interactive and within a modern gaming perspective.
  • Designed a hybrid approach to dollar-pegged, in-game currency using a combination of on and off chain technologies to help keep gas prices to a minimum wherever possible.
  • Built an interactive community of more than 20 nationalities invested and interacting with the product and events held within the environment.


Articles, reviews, interviews, contact, and STARL press kit.

Where to buy $STARL Token?


→ Please use low slippage, 0.1-0.5%, as this token has no tax



What is an Early Access release?

A game in Early Access allows players to engage with something prior to full release. This helps to test bugs, support the project, gather feedback, and raise awareness of the project. It is considered a stepping stone between a product’s prototype, and a well-orchestrated global release.


STARL is currently in Early Access, meaning some features are available but more are being added all the time. Users can try it themselves by going to the STARL Website and downloading the client. Steps can be found in the Installation Guide

Is this on Unreal Engine?

Yes. This is the first blockchain game to release using Unreal Engine 5.

When will it be finished?

The metaverse will always be an ever-evolving and expanding project with no specific “finish” date. Asking when the metaverse will be complete is akin to asking when the internet will be complete. The content of the metaverse – games, entertainment, stories, places – can all be completed, but the metaverse itself will always be changing and growing based on input from the community and developers.



Beta testing for the metaverse is planned for the end of 2021. Deep development of space travel mechanics, virtual economy, and expanding the metaverse into a fully immersive 3D environment is planned for 2022. Setting specific dates around development like this can be problematic as the priority should be producing the highest quality and most stable version of the product rather than rushing to meet a particular deadline. In this way, STARL will unlikely establish exact times for milestones far in advance but will always update the community on upcoming developments and progress throughout the journey.



Once there is a platform that contains interesting features, can sustain high traffic, is relatively bug-free, and is, of course, secure, there will be further expansion and innovation in yet unknown infinite directions. There are already many potential ideas of what this may look like, but the team is excited to uncover new ideas and possibilities throughout development and beyond.

Will there be a token burn?

Whenever a user purchases Pass Points for the STARL Metaverse, 3% of their $STARL tokens are automatically burned by a contract.

The developer of the $STARL token, Woof, also burned approximately 20 billion tokens shortly after creating it.

In addition, 99.8% of STARL’s Uniswap token liquidity was sent to a burn address. This liquidity, originally worth $200k, now is worth millions and can never be removed.

Full Team Details

The core STARL team is composed of holders of the STARL token who were interested in helping support the project and contribute their knowledge. All these team members have each demonstrated unique and relevant skills and experiences that have brought STARL to where it is now and helped set it on its current trajectory. The team’s professional capabilities and knowledge are as diverse as their personal backgrounds and locations, with members from all over the world and from all walks of life.


Core Team


Metaverse & Gaming Development and Design Team (see bios below)


Marketplace & Website Development and Design Team

  • Data Karma – Head of Engineering
  • Dominic – Lead Developer
  • Wangli Y. – Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Clement
  • Space Architect (Kevin Schow) – 3D Design and Art Guild Mod
  • Johnny Utah – Test Lead
  • skdandy – Testing


Documentation and Copy

  • Skdandy

What platform will it be available on?

STARL will be available on both desktop and mobile.


There may be other platforms available in the future.

Why do some Market NFT sales use STARL and others use ETH?

As the STARL market expands and matures, both STARL and ETH will be the currency for NFT auctions and sales. While STARL is the main currency of the marketplace, offering ETH as another payment option provides balance with this approach.


Auctions, which occur more often in the market, have and will be paid with STARL. Sales with set prices have been in ETH so far, but will be paid in STARL in time. One reason for ETH payments is that its price is more stable and less prone to fluctuations compared to STARL, a much newer currency. As the STARL market matures and so does the token, set price NFT sales will migrate to use STARL as a payment.

What sets STARL apart from competitors?

While the combination of metaverse and cryptocurrency is still a fairly novel concept, a few existing projects have a similar focus. Often the STARL community and potential investors ask, “what makes STARL different?” ‌The term “metaverse” is being used more and more frequently by projects, and while there is not a well-established definition for it yet, there are many interpretations. STARL believes the “metaverse” should focus on unlimited access and potential, allowing people to transcend physical limitations in a virtual world. Ownership of virtual real estate, unlimited self-expression, and unending adventure with a deep virtual interactive economy will help users explore and expand beyond what they have access to in the physical world. ‌While other projects also claim the “metaverse” tag for various reasons, it might not necessarily mean they are comparable to STARL in form or function. These projects may only be a gaming platform, or simply an NFT marketplace with a standard game attached. The goals for STARL go much further than these concepts alone.


STARL has been cultivating an increasingly talented team composed of community members and professionals hired to help guide and develop the project. STARL aims to bridge the gap between the professional gaming industry and cryptocurrency. We believe bringing together people, not just concepts, from both sides is the key. To succeed, it cannot just be one group trying to excel at both things. Each has skills grown through experience and education, and combining those skills is the true advantage.


We have brought on gaming industry veterans like Shahid Ahmad, who has an extensive list of accolades, including having been named one of the Games Industry International’s Top 10 Persons of the Year and 100 Top Influencers in the British Games Industry, as well as previously holding the position of PlayStation Content Director at Sony.


STARL also has onboarded Scott Brown and his team, who carry vast experience in MMO-style games, having created Jumpgate and other games filled with exploration, economies, and virtual worlds, bringing Warp Nexus to the STARL Metaverse. The Metaverse & Gaming team Scott has built has collective experience in the field working for companies and projects like Pixar, Disney, Lucasfilm, Lionsgate, Sony, LEGO, and Enjin where this experience brings a deep level of understanding of what is needed to accomplish the goals at STARL.


‌STARL Artist Guild has been established and is full of passionate concept and 3D designers from the community and abroad who love to create and expand the vision of the metaverse with satellites, living modules, character designs, robots, level designs, terrain, and much more.


Above all, the most crucial piece of the puzzle is our community, which is incredibly passionate about the project and goals that lie ahead.


‌These are the factors that make STARL stand out in the crowd.

Is there an audit?

An audit has already been conducted by Safe Solidity, with plans for further audits by reputable organizations in the future. There are long waiting times for these audits due to high demand so they will be completed as soon as possible.


Safe Solidity Audit: https://twitter.com/SafeSolidity/status/1423695861058392071?s=20